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Spiraling energy prices in Europe, production line shutdowns may lead to tissue shortage in Finland

Finnish paper company Finnlin Household Paper says soaring energy prices in Europe have led it to curtail production of paper products in recent weeks. Papercupfans

According to the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation on 26, Finlin Household Paper warned that further production line shutdowns could lead to shortages of products such as toilet paper. Pe Paper Fan

Earlier, the company’s plants in Germany and Slovakia had been temporarily shut down due to a sharp rise in European energy prices. Paper Fan Cup


The company’s Nordic market director Gianni Cilanpe said Europe’s soaring energy costs are hampering paper company operations, with Central and Eastern Europe being the most severely impacted. Cup Fan Paper

He said that European electricity prices are at an all-time high, and now the situation in the Nordic countries, although slightly better, but also may rise. Paper Fan Raw

The company has nine paper mills in Europe, and while production at the mill in south-central Finland has not been affected for the time being, much of the tissue and kitchen paper is not produced locally and needs to be exported to Finland from central Europe. Blank Fan Cup

The cost of higher toilet paper prices may be passed on to consumers. Cup Bowl Paper

Post time: Aug-30-2022