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German paper industry association: Germany may face a shortage of toilet paper

BERLIN (Sputnik) – The crisis in the gas market could cause a sharp drop in the production of toilet paper in Germany, said Martin Krengel, chairman of the German Paper Industry Association. paper cup raw material

On the occasion of World Toilet Paper Day on August 26, Krengel said: “The production process of toilet paper is particularly dependent on natural gas. Without natural gas, we cannot ensure a stable supply.” paper cup fan raw material


The German Paper Industry Association cites data showing that the average German resident uses 134 rolls of toilet paper per year. Krengel stressed, “In the context of the current energy crisis, our priority is to ensure that this important commodity is available to people.” pe coated paper roll

The German cabinet passed a series of energy-saving measures on Aug. 24, including natural gas. Companies in energy-intensive industries must comply with energy-saving recommendations, which were previously voluntary. raw materials for paper cups

Post time: Aug-29-2022