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Nanning Dihui Paper

Established in 2012, is a factory specializing in the production and sales of paper cup fans, food-grade PE coated paper, disposable paper cups and bowls and other products.


Provides one-stop services for single/double PE coating, printing pattern customization, cup bottom paper slitting, paper sheet cross-cutting, and paper cup fan die-cutting.


Has cooperation with dozens of countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Italy, and customers have repurchased many times, which proves the quality of our products.


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  • Founded in 2012

    Founded in 2012

    Now it has become one of the leading manufacturers of PE coated paper rolls, paper cups, paper cup fans, and PE coated paper sheets in South China.

  • 100 employees

    100 employees

    Can provide base paper, PE coated paper, paper sheet, bottom paper one-stop service paper, paper cup fan.

  • Years of export experience

    Years of export experience

    Our products sell well in the United States, South Asia, East Asia and African countries.



Established in 2012 , with 10 years development,Di Hui Paper has become one of the leading manufacturers of PE coated paper roll , paper cup,paper cup fan, PE coated paper sheet in South China.

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